What's Better Shark Or Vax Vacuum

What’s Better Shark Or Vax Vacuum? A Detail Comparison

Comparing Vax and Shark vacuums can be tricky because both brands offer different types of models with varying features and strengths. To give you the most helpful comparison, I need some additional information about your needs and priorities. For example:

What type of vacuum are you looking for?

  • Upright: Both brands have upright vacuums in their vacuums category. Mostly, Shark’s Upright vacuums are most popular in the UK for their great selection of features like a duo clean brush roller for optimal cleaning on both hard and carpet floors, sealed-HEPA filtration for capturing 99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum, anti-hair wrap features for preventing hair tangling, powered lift-away for converting the vacuum into a handheld version and more. On the other hand, VAX upright vacuums are popular for their budget-friendly price tag. You can buy a VAX upright vacuum at half the price of a Shark mid-budget upright model.
  • Canister: More manoeuvrable for tight spaces and furniture. Both Shark and Vax have a single model on their canister lineup. So, we skipped comparing them.
  • Cordless: Both brands offer various cordless models with varying run times, capacities, and features. Sharks tend to have longer run times, larger dustbins, anti-hair wrapped, complete-sealed HEPA filtration, duo clean floorhead, and flexible wand, while Vax focuses on lightweight and manoeuvrable options.
  • Handheld: Ideal for upholstery, stairs, and car interiors. Sharks have various handheld models, while Vax has a single handheld model in their vacuum lineup.

Shark Vs Vax: How do their cordless vacuums compare?

Shark and Vax, both brands, have various models in their budget and premium segment price range. Shark has multiple cordless models to choose from that give you several options to compare. On the other hand, Vax has 3 to 4 models in their entire cordless lineup; the Vax Blade 4 cordless vacuum is the most popular among of them. 

The price of Shark cordless tends to range from £250 to £460. On the other hand, Vax cordless are cheaper than Shark; the basic Vax cordless are available at a price of £170, and the high-end version is nearly £280.

ModelVAX Cordless Shark Cordless
Price Range£169 to £270£250 to £460
Max run time45 minutes1 hour
Dustbin capacity0.6liters0.7 liters
Weight4.5 kilograms5.5 kilograms
Protection3 Year Guarantee5-YEAR GUARANTEE
Powerfins technologyNoYes
Anti-Hair wrapNoYes
Complete sealedNoYes
Featureslightweight, cordless, Hepa filterAnti Hair Wrap, Anti Allergen, Anti Odour Technology, Clean Sense IQ, Lightweight, Cordless, Compact, Flexible, Duo Clean LED

Shark lower to high-end cordless models offer a pack of features, including duo clean brush roller, Powerfins anti-hair wrap, long run time, sealed HEPA filtration, flexible bends, easy-to-empty dustbin, and more, though they are bulky for their heavy-duty cleaning head design compared to the VAX. 

Here’s the main consideration that makes major differences between the shark and Vax cordless.

Flexible wand design: The Shark mid-budget cordless vacuum features a flexible wand design that allows you to bend the wand you want while you clean dust from under the furniture. This is a game-changing feature for those who have back pain or want to avoid bending themselves while in furniture-cleaning jobs. On the other hand, the VAX cordless lacks the feature. 

Anti-hair wrap: The anti-hair wrap is not 100% perfect for tackling hair wrap, but it can reduce the chance of hair wrapping by around 60 to 75%. Shark’s latest invented anti-hair wrap with Powerfins technology, which is nearly 75% effective in preventing hair wrapped around the brush roller, this might be a good feature for those homeowners who have pets in their homes. On the other hand, the VAX does not have any anti-hair wrap features on their cordless models.

Filtration system: This is the important part of a vacuum that you should be paying attention to if you are an allergy sufferer or want to keep the air inside the home clean and healthy. Shark and VAX both have different filtration technologies; Sharks called it a complete-sealed HEPA filtration system, and the VAX named it DustVault filtration; both models did an excellent job of capturing dust and allergens inside the vacuum. Both cordless vacuums ensure HEAP filtration on their Exhaust section, which means the exhausted air from the vacuum is 99.8% allergen-free and safe for family members. 

Shark vs Vax: How do we compare their cleaning effectiveness?

Hardfloor: Shark cordless vacuums, with their latest duo clean floor head, always did a better debris-picking job in all of our hard floor testing. Even they were able to suck 98% of debris from the hard floor with the low suction setting in a single pass. On the other hand, the VAX cordless struggled a lot in cleaning away larger and medium size debris from hard floors due to its very lowest floor head design; all the time, it pushes the debris away to its fronts without sucking. However, VAX does better cleaning jobs in higher suction settings. 

Carpet: We tested both cordless vacuums on very short pile carpets, and the result was surprising; both vacuums were able to clean all the debris in a single back-and-forth pass. However, the Vax requires medium suction power for optimal cleaning. 

Pet: The Shark cordless vacuum is always a legendary brand in this field. But, Both Shark and VAX can tackle pet hair from all the different floor types, but the Shark does it 5X better than Vax. The Shark has anti-hair wrap features that prevent hair from getting wrapped around the brush roller. On the other hand, VAX does not have any features like this, Which could be a concern for pet lovers. Both brands have pet versions on their cordless lineup, and they include motorized/turbo pet brushes and additional attachments to battle with pet hair from pet beds, upholstery, stairs and hard-to-reach corners. 

Shark Vs Vax: How do we compare their upright vacuum model?

Both brands have multiple upright vacuum models in their corded lineup. Shark upright vacuums are most popular in the UK due to their trustworthy build quality and long guarantee period. They offer various of the latest features like complete-sealed HEPA filtration, anti-hair wrap, duo clean floor head, and powered lift away. 

Duo clean floor head: 

Shark floor head is designed with a soft brush roller, which is much more effective in picking up larger to finer debris from different surfaces. The soft brush roller can gently clean the sensitive hard floor without scratching the surfaces. On the other hand, the VAX upright does not have any of these features.

Powered lift-away: 

Both brands feature lift-away technology that allows you to convert the full-size upright vacuum into a handheld version. Sharks premium upright vacuums have powered lift-away, the updated version of regular lift-away. The powered lift-away ensures that the primary wand still has power if you apart the motor unit from the vacuum body; this will help you to run all the motorized tools in lift-way mode. The regular lift-away technology doesn’t allow us to do this.


The choice between a Shark and a Vax vacuum ultimately depends on your preferences, specific cleaning needs, and budget considerations. Both brands offer a range of models with various features, suction power, and accessories. Sharks (upright &cordless) are often praised for their innovative designs, strong suction, duo clean brush roller design, impressive filtration system, anti-hair wrap and versatility, while Vax vacuums are recognized for their lower price tag and efficient performance. The sharks’ vacuums didn’t struggle while we tested them on different surfaces, and their anti-hair wrap is a game-changing feature for pet owners. Sharks are ideal for both hard floors and carpets; on the other hand, VAX is suitable for cleaning dust from very short-pile carpets. But the Vax may scratch the sensitive flooring.

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