Best cordless vacuum under £200

The 3 Best Cordless Vacuum under £200

Cordless vacuums have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and ease of use. When it comes to finding the best cordless vacuum under £200 in the UK, it is a bit challenging to find a suitable unit on this tight budget.

To help you to choose the right cordless vacuum according to your house cleaning preferences and budget, here we have discussed some of the best models from different reputable brands like Hoover, Belife, Vax, Laresar and FABULETTA. 

One of the best options for a cordless vacuum under £200 is the Laresar Elite 3. This lightweight yet powerful vacuum is equipped with a‎ 1.5 litres bin, ‎50 minutes run time, strong suction, and promising battery life, making it perfect for cleaning all types of surfaces, including carpets and hard floors. (Recommend for small apartments)

A list of the 3 Best cordless vacuums under £200 In UK

  1. Laresar Cordless Vacuum – Elite 3
  2. Vax Blade 4 cordless vacuum – 40 Min Run Time
  3. Belife Cordless Vacuum – 300 Watt Brush-less Motor

Best cordless vacuums under £200 – In-depth Review

Laresar Cordless Vacuum – Elite 3

Laresar Cordless Vacuum - Elite 3

Price at time of publish: £175

Bare Floor: 8.7 | Low-pile Carpet: 8.5 | High-Pile Carpet: 7.2 | Pets: 8 | Stairs: 8 | Vacuum Type: Cordless Stick | Filter Type: HEPA filtration | Dust container: 1.5 L

The Laresar Elite 3 cordless vacuum is a lightweight yet powerful and versatile cleaning tool that can easily handle a wide range of cleaning tasks. The vacuum is designed with a powerful motor, advertising 400 Watts, that delivers strong suction power, making it easy to pick up dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces. We haven’t found any issues when testing it on hard floors and low-pile carpets. 

Yes, this vacuum is lightweight, only 3.9 kg, making it easy to manoeuvre. It also features a 7-cell 2200mAh long-lasting battery pack that provides up to 50 minutes of continuous use. In our tests, we found the battery lasts 45 minutes in low-suction mode and 21 minutes in high-suction mode. If your house is mostly hard floors, it will be capable of serving you a solid 40-minute run time in low and moderate suction settings. 

This budget cordless vacuum performed well on low-pile carpets in medium settings, but if you need to clean embedded pet hair from carpets, you need to boost the suction power at max settings. 

One of the Laresar Elite 3 cordless vacuums’ standout features is its cleaning head, it closely similar to the Dyson v8 animal. The brush roll has built with soft cotton fibres instead of stiff bristles. This design is better for preventing hair wrap and more effective for hardwood floors. 

The vacuum has an advanced touch display that allows you to conveniently monitor the battery charging level and control the suction power.   

Vax Blade 4 cordless vacuum – 40 Min Run Time

Vax Blade 4 cordless vacuum

Price at time of publish: £164

Bare Floor: 7 | Low-pile Carpet: 8.5 | High-Pile Carpet: 7.2 | Pets: 8.3 | Stairs: 8.3 | Vacuum Type: Cordless Stick | Filter Type: HEPA filtration | Dust container: 0.6L

Especially this particular vax blade 4 is a good budget vacuum for carpets. In our testing, it performed well on both low-pile and mid-pile carpets. The suction power is incredibly strong in normal settings, was picks up all the dirt, dust, and pet hair from my carpets and hardwood floors. The dustbin is bagless, has a 0.6 Litre max capacity, is easy to empty, and the filter is washable, making it easy to maintain. It’s the core version of its cordless lineup. The pet version will suit you better for pet owners. That model includes a motorized pet brush that helps to effortlessly clean any embedded pet’s hair from the pet bed, stairs and upholstery. 

The battery life is also impressive. During our testing period, it lasted 33 minutes in mixed Eco and max settings. If you use it on normal settings, the battery is capable of supporting you for up to 40 minutes. 

The vacuum also comes with various attachments, including a crevice tool and a dusting brush, making it versatile for different cleaning tasks, for example, above-floor cleaning, hard-to-reach areas or tight spaces. 

One thing needs to be noted: this vacuum is lightweight and has good battery support, but the brush roller does not have any anti-hair wrapped features, so you need to clean the brush roll yourself after completing every cleaning session. The second thing is you need to bend yourself when cleaning under the furniture. The reason is it does not have the Flexology bends technology that the shark cordless IZ201UK and IZ300UK featured. 

Overall, the vax blade 4 cordless vacuum is sleek and modern, and it is easy to maneuver around furniture and tight spaces. The LED lights on the front of the vacuum are also a great feature, allowing you to easily spot any missed spots. 

Belife Cordless Vacuum – 300 Watt Brush-less Motor

Belife Cordless Vacuum

Price at time of publish: £134

Bare Floor: 8 | Low-pile Carpet: 8.2 | High-Pile Carpet: 7.5 | Pets: 8.3 | Stairs: 8 | Vacuum Type: Cordless Stick | Filter Type: HEPA filtration | Dust container: 0.7L

The Belife Cordless Vacuum is lightweight yet offers the most robust suction power. We measured the suction power of this vacuum was 113 inches, which is 2x more than the average, and a bit more than the Dyson V15 detect. Definitely, this is the most powerful vacuum to its tight budget segment, retailing on Amazon for under £200. That powerful suction power means it is capable of picking up dirt, dust, and pet hair easily and above-floor cleaning by attaching the attachments. 

The floor head design is surprisingly good, considering the budget. The entrance of the cleaning head is adequate for small and medium size debris intake from all floor types. But, it did struggle when picking up larger debris from hard floors. 

One thing that was very impressive to me about this vacuum is the battery is detachable. If you need a long run time, you can expand it by buying an extra battery. 

The brush roller design of this Belife Cordless Vacuum is closely similar to Dyson, with no stiff bristle around the brush roll, and there are soft cotton fibres on the barrel. This brush roller type is very effective on hard floor cleaning jobs without damaging the floor surface. Also, it can prevent hair wrapping in a good way than average. 

One of my favourite features is the touch display and LED screen, which allows you to adjust the suction power and know the battery status effortlessly. 

Overall, the Belife Cordless Vacuum is for anyone needing a powerful, lightweight, and easy-to-use vacuum. The cordless feature, various attachments, and average battery life can hold you 25 to 30 minutes in moderate use and 15 minutes in maximum settings, so it is an excellent great choice for any household.

What to consider for a cordless vacuum cleaner under £200?

When looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner under £200, there are a few things you need to consider. The most crucial factors among of them are battery capacity (running time), detachable or fixed battery type, cleaning head type, and vacuum weight. 

Battery Life (run time)

Battery life is an important factor to consider when looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner on a tight budget under £200. Battery life refers to the amount of time a vacuum cleaner can run on a single charge. In a budget cordless vacuum, Ideally, look for a vacuum cleaner with a battery life of at least 30 minutes in normal or ECO settings and 15 minutes in maximum suction settings. That will give you enough time to clean multiple rooms or spaces without constantly stopping and recharging the vacuum. 

Another thing you should consider besides the battery capacity is whether the battery is detachable or fixed. A cordless vacuum with a detachable battery type allows you to change the battery when it expires or gives you a chance to increase its run time by buying an extra battery pack. 

Suction Power:

Generally, most mid-budget vacuum comes with lower suction power, but we found few models offer more suction power than the average.

If you have pets or need to clean heavy debris, such as pet hair or large crumbs, it’s crucial to look for a vacuum cleaner with strong suction power. A vacuum cleaner with higher suction power will be better able to pick up pet hair and heavy debris, making it more effective at cleaning your home. The suction power of a vacuum is measured in KPA; the higher the KPA ratings higher the suction power the vacuum has. So, select a cordless vacuum that has a maximum suction above 15KPA. This spec is ideal for regular house cleaning jobs. 

In our recommendation, the Belife has a suction power of 25Kpa, and the Laresar elite-3 has 33 KPA. This spec is pretty enough for cleaning up any surface. 


Cordless vacuums are more lightweight than corded upright vacuums. For example, the shark Shark Upright Vacuum NZ801UKT weighs around 6.7 kg. On the other hand, in terms of shark cordless vacuum weight, it’s about 4 kg. The cordless model is about 2 kg lighter than the corded one. 

A big advantage of a lightweight vacuum cleaner is that it is easier to move around, carry from room to room, and move on stairs up and down and use for extended periods. 

Filtration system: 

A good filtration system is an important feature to consider when looking for a vacuum cleaner. It helps trap small particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander, which can cause allergies and aggravate respiratory conditions.

Most of the budget vacuums claimed they equipped multi steps filtration systems with HEPA filters. HEPA filters are designed to trap particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is much smaller than the particles trapped by standard filters. In our reviews model, only two have HEPA filtration but do not have complete-sealed technology like the SHARK. 


Most budget vacuums come with various attachments like a crevice tool, dusting brush, and pet models offer motorized or turbo pet brush. If you have pets, the pet version will suit you better.


How long do the batteries last of a cordless vacuum under £200? 

The battery life on cordless vacuums can vary depending on the model and usage, but on average, they last around 30 to 50 minutes in low suction settings, 20 to 30 minutes in medium suction settings, and 10 to 15 minutes in maximum suction settings.

Are there any cordless vacuums under £200 that come with multiple batteries? 

No, some cordless vacuums from the premium budget segment come with multiple batteries for longer cleaning sessions. But in terms of mid-budget cordless vacuums, they come with a single battery, and some of them have detachable type batteries, so you can extend their run time by buying another battery pack. 

Can You use under £200 cordless vacuums for pet hair?

Yes, many cordless vacuums under £200 have attachments specifically designed for pet hair, for example, a pet turbo brush or a motorized pet brush. Some cordless models are selling it separately. Another thing, make sure the primary cleaning head has anti-hair wrapped features.

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