Shark iz201uk vs iz300uk

Shark IZ201UK or IZ300UK: Which Cordless Vacuum Delivers the Most Power and Performance?

The shark cordless iz300uk is better overall than the shark iz201uk. The Shark iz300uk offers 50% more suction, long battery life, PowerFins technology to prevent hair wrapping, and an LED display to show the battery charge level, suction power and surface types. It also performs better on hard and carpet floors and is more effective in cleaning larger and fine dirt. 

Two cordless vacuums are visually similar, and their performance on cleaning carpets, hard floors, and pet hair were closely similar. 

Both shark ‎IZ300UK and IZ201UK cordless vacuums have anti-hair wrap technology, duo clean brush rolls, Flexology bend systems, and good size dirt cups and have a 5-year official guarantee.

Best Overall

Shark Cordless IZ300UK – 60 Minute Run Time

shark IZ300UK
  • Hard floor: 9.8/10
  • Low Pile Carpet: 9.5/10
  • Area Rugs: 9/10
  • Medium-pile Carpet: 9/10
  • Carpeted Stairs: 8/10
  • Under Furniture: 9.6/10
  • Pets: 9/10
  • Anti-Hair Wrap: 8.5/10
  • Value For The Money: 9/10

Best In Budget

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum IZ201UK – 35 Minute Run Time

  • Hard floor: 9.5/10
  • Low Pile Carpet: 9.5/10
  • Area Rugs: 9/10
  • Medium-pile Carpet: 9/10
  • Carpeted Stairs: 8/10
  • Under Furniture: 9.6/10
  • Pets: 9/10
  • Anti-Hair Wrap: 8/10
  • Value For The Money: 8.5/10

What’s the difference between Shark shark iz201uk and iz300uk?

Suction power

From the beginning, a vacuum’s power depends on how much suction power it has: the higher the suction power, the chances of less struggle while sucking up debris from surfaces. The manufacturer claims the shark iz300uk has 50% more suction power than the iz201uk. Our product tester gave five-star ratings of shark iz300uk suction ability on all types of flooring. For achieving the same cleaning performance on all-height carpet flooring, the shark iz201uk needed multiple passes. On the other hand, shark iz300uk did it in a single back and forward pass

So, if your house has mostly carpeted flooring, the shark iz300uk cordless vacuum will be better than the shark iz201uk. 

Notably: The suction power of IZ300UK in the lowest settings is similar to the shark IZ201UK maximum.

Controlling interface: 

There is a significant difference between the two in the controlling interface: in the shark IZ201UK cordless vacuum, a three-mode sliding switch at the fingertip allows you to turn on/off the power and adjust the floor’s type. You can change the cleaning mode from hard surface to carpet surface by just sliding the switch positions. To adjust the suction power of the shark IZ201UK, it has a trigger switch under the handle; you need to pull the trigger switch for maximum suction. 

On the other hand, the shark iz300uk has a LED display that shows how much battery charge has left and the selected suction power and surface type. 

PowerFins technology: 

The shark IZ300UK included their latest Powerfins technology in their cleaning head, which is lacking in the previous shark cordless iz201uk. 

Is the lacking of powerfins technology in IZ201UK drop the cleaning performance? 

The answer is NO. Powefins cleaning head is more effective in preventing hair-wrapped. We found that the shark IZ201UK performed slightly lower than the shark IZ300UK; it only for its 50% less suction power than the shark  iz300uk.

The difference between floor head design: 

The shark IZ300UK featured a Powerfins brush roll instead of the stiff bristles. There are stiff bristles around the barrel in a standard brush roll, the same thing you’ll notice in the shark IZ201UK. Additionally, the shark IZ201UK brush roll design is different from than standard. There are silicon fins at the gap between the bristles; shark’s named it the anti-hair wrap brush roll system. 

On the other hand, the shark IZ300UK doesn’t have any bristles around the barrel, only silicon fins around it. This brush roll design has some advantages; for example, it agitates dust strongly on carpets, also much more effective in preventing hair-wrapped than the standard brush roll system. 

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