Shark NV602UKT vs NZ801UKT

Shark NV602UKT or NZ801UKT: Which Vacuum Cleaner is Worth the Investment?

Shark nv602ukt and nz801ukt are two upright vacuums, both of 750 watts. In our tests on all types of floor cleaning (tiles, hardwood, 2-different pile carpet), the Shark nz801ukt performed better in most cases than the Shark nv602ukt. 

The Shark nv602ukt is an entry-level upright vacuum and features a standard brush roller, lift-away, regular pet attachments, etc., which is ideal for everyday home cleaning (earned 4.2 stars in overall performance

On the other hand, the Shark nz801ukt from Shark’s premium upright lineup features a Duo-clean brush roll system, Powered lift-away, anti-hair-wrap technology, self-cleaning brush roll, and PowerFins pet brush. (earned a solid 4.7 out of 5 on overall cleaning tests)

Best Overall

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NZ801UKT]

  • Hard floor: 10/10
  • Low Pile Carpet: 9/10
  • Area Rugs: 9/10
  • Powered Lift-Away: Yes
  • Medium-pile Carpet: 9/10
  • Carpeted Stairs: 8/10
  • Under Furniture: 8.5/10
  • Pets: 9/10
  • Value For The Money: 9/10

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV602UKT]

  • Hard floor: 8/10
  • Low Pile Carpet: 7/10
  • Area Rugs: 7/10
  • Medium-pile Carpet: 6.5/10
  • Powered Lift-Away: No
  • Carpeted Stairs: 7/10
  • Under Furniture: 7/10
  • Pets: 8/10
  • Value For The Money: 7/10

Differences between the Shark nv602ukt and nz801ukt

Anti-hair wrap: 

The Shark nz801ukt Upright vacuum features anti-hair wrap technology, which prevents hair from wrapping around the brush roller while you are vacuuming. Another advantage of the shark nz801ukt is its self-cleaning brush roll system that actively removes wrapped hair. On the other hand, the Shark nv602ukt upright vacuum does not have this anti-hair wrap feature. It comes with a standard bristle brush roller. So, you need to clean the wrapped hair from the brush roll after completing every cleaning session. 

Duo-clean brush roller: 

The duo-clean brush roller system is more effective on carpets and hard floors. The frontend soft brush roller always comes in contact with the surface and moves larger and finer debris to the suction intake. The Shark nv602ukt does not contain that feature and only has a standard bristle brush at the middle of the primary cleaning head. In the Shark nv602ukt, As the gap between the surface and the cleaning head is too low, it was hard to clean larger debris from all types of surfaces. 

Powered Lift-away:

The powered lift-away is more advanced than the standard lift-away. The shark NZ801UKT has the powered lift-away feature. So you can use this full-size upright vacuum as a stick vacuum in powered lift-away mode. As you know, stick vacuums are famous for their ability to reach tight spaces under furniture and stairs. You will get these same advantages from a powered lift-away vacuum. On the other hand, the shark NV602UKT offers the standard lift-way feature, which only allows you to run suction-based tools in lift-away mode, for example, Crevice Tool, dusting brush, turbo pet brush, etc. 

In the powered lift-away, you can run any motorized attachments along with the primary cleaning head. So, if you have pets and multiple stairs, the shark NZ801UKT is the best option. 

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Difference between dust cup capacity, hose length, weight, and cord length: 

The shark NV602UKT weighs around 5.2 kilograms, which is 1.4 kilograms lighter than the NZ801UKT. The dust cup capacity of the shark NV602UKT is ‎1.1 liters, and it’s slightly larger than the shark NZ801UKT. Of course, the larger the dust cup, the more dirt it can hold, but this slight difference won’t hamper your long cleaning sessions. 

Shark nv602ukt vs nz801ukt: Cleaning test on bare/hardwood/tiles floor

Shark NV602ukt – (Bare Floor: 8/10)

The Shark NV602ukt upright pet vacuum is good for cleaning bare/hardwood/tiles but is not ideal if your house has mostly hardwood floors. In the test of picking up cat litter, pet hair, human hair, dust, and sand from hard surfaces, the Shark NV602ukt earned an 8 out of 10. 

It has a three-step flip switch to suit the vacuum brush roll speed to surface types. The switch’s middle position is for hard floor mode; when you flip the switch at this position, the brush roller starts spinning slowly, and the suction power will increase. It’s impressively better for cleaning sticking dirt from hard surfaces. 

The main issue we noticed when testing the Shark NV602ukt on the hard surface is that the entrance of the primary cleaning head is too narrow. As a result, mostly vacuum-able larger debris failed to enter into the cleaning head. However, the brush roller keeps spinning while in hard floor mode, but We haven’t noticed any debris scattering issues. 

Shark nz801ukt – (Bare Floor: 10/10)

Every vacuum cleaner can clean hard floors, but the Shark nz801ukt does it impressively better than others. It’s a duo-clean upright vacuum that is designed for sucking up vacuum-able larger debris, fine dirt, cat litter, and pets hair from hard floors—even the best option for low-pile carpets, thick carpets, and area rugs deep cleaning. 

Shark nv602ukt vs nz801ukt: Low pile carpets/area rugs

Shark nv602ukt: (Carpet Floor: 7/10)

The Shark Shark nv602ukt pet upright vacuum is excellent for deep cleaning low-pile carpets and area rugs. It has an individual carpet cleaning switching mode. When you keep the switch position at carpet mode, the brush roller will start spinning at high RPM, and the suction power decreases. 

In the tests of picking up pet hair, fine dust, and larger dirt from highly dense carpets, we struggled several times to manoeuvre the vacuum. So, if you notice these issues when moving it on carpet flooring, make sure the suction control is in the minimum position. 

This Shark nv602ukt has a manual suction control sliding switch near the fingertips instead of multiple carpet settings, which allows you to reduce the suction power depending on the carpet type. 

However, the Shark nv602ukt does not have manual height settings, so it’s not suited for cleaning high-pile carpets and shag. 

Shark NZ801UKT: (Carpet Floor: 9/10)

As I mentioned, the shark NZ801UKT is an overall vacuum, great for low pile carpets, thick carpets, and area rugs deep cleaning. In our tests, it easily picked sticking pet hair, fine dirt, and larger debris in a single back-and-forth pass. 

However, The Shark NZ801UKT has a 3-positon surface setting, which allows you to suit the vacuum brush roller spinning speed and suction power according to the carpet type. Also, a manual suction control at the top of the primary wand for reducing the suction to manoeuvre the vacuum effortlessly on the carpet’s flooring. 

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Shark nv602ukt vs nz801ukt: Which is best for pets and long human hair?

Although Shark nv602ukt and nz801ukt both two are pet models, the Shark nz801ukt anti-hair wrap vacuum performed significantly better than the Shark nv602ukt at cleaning pet and long human hair. 

The primary cleaning head of the Shark nv602ukt is standard for regular house cleaning jobs. On the other hand, the primary cleaning head of the nz801ukt is designed for cleaning pet and long hair without getting wrapped around the brush roller; also, it actively removes wrapped hair. 

Another difference we noticed is the included pet turbo brush; the shark nz801ukt comes with a PowerFins pet brush, which is much more effective in preventing hair-wrapped wrapping than a standard pet brush.  

Based on the included turbo pet brush, primary floor head design, and multiple pet hair cleaning tests on both hard and carpets, the Shark nz801ukt anti-hair wrap duo-clean upright vacuum would be the winner. 

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