Best Cordless Vacuum Under £100 In UK

Best Cordless Vacuum Under £100 In UK

If you are in the market and want to buy a cordless for under £100, you will find countless options available at this price range. But it’s really a difficult task to find the right one that exactly fits your cleaning needs.

The most important factors to consider when choosing a vacuum on this tight budget are HEPA filtration, battery life, weight, dustbin capacity, attachments and whether the vacuum is best for all floor types, such as hard floors, carpets and tile floors.

There are few lacks we found in under £100 cordless vacuums [you should know this]

  • Filtration: Most vacuum cleaners under £100 have HEPA filtration, which adds a plus point. But, they do not have a complete sealed system that prevents leaking air from the vacuum body. So, there is a major chance of leaking dust particles and pet dander from the dustbin while you vacuum. This might be a concern for allergy sufferers. 
  • Pet attachment: At this price point, we have not found a single cordless vacuum that has pet attachments like motorised pet brushes or upholstery attachments. So, this might be a concern for homeowners who have pets. You can find cordless pet vacuums on this post [Best Cordless Vacuum Under £200]
  • Non-Detachable battery: Most of the cordless vacuums we have tested have Non-Detachable battery systems. This means that they have built-in or integrated batteries. These are permanently fixed inside the device, and you cannot remove them easily. Accessing the battery requires disassembling the device, which is not recommended if you are not an expert on this and have no technical knowledge. On the other hand, a detachable battery means this can be removed and replaced without needing special tools or technical expertise.

With detachable batteries, you can purchase spare batteries and swap them out when one is discharged. This feature effectively extends the vacuum’s runtime, allowing you to continue cleaning without waiting for the battery to recharge.

So, you won’t have this advantage if you purchase a cordless vacuum with a Non-Detachable battery system. 

Maybe, now, it may really look hard to choose a cordless vacuum under £100 according to your daily house cleaning needs. Am I right?

Don’t worry. Our Homegears team continuously tests a wide range of vacuums from different price aspects and updates the list of best shark vacuums for pet hair, best vacuum for pet hair on carpets, vacuum for long hair and more. Similarly, our experts made a list of the top 5 cordless vacuums that are available in the UK for the price of under £100. So keep reading. 

Akitas V8 Cordless Vacuum – Surprising Power at a Budget Price

We have tested the Akitas V8 cordless vacuum, and it has exceeded our expectations for a vacuum under £100. The powerful 22.2V LI-ION battery provides an impressive 26-minute runtime, making it a reliable companion for quick cleanups around the house.

The vacuum’s 150W Power Span might not scream suction power, but don’t let that fool you. Despite initial scepticism, it effectively tackled carpets and hard floors, keeping them remarkably clean. The motorised turbo brush head with LED light is a thoughtful addition, aiding visibility in dimly lit areas.

Weighing only 2.4kg, the Akitas V8 is incredibly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. Its cordless design is a game-changer, offering the flexibility to reach every corner without the hassle of cords. The vacuum’s Eco Mode and Max Mode increase energy efficiency, allowing you to customise the cleaning experience based on your needs.


· Suction power could be strong

· Do not have any pet attachments

· Non-detachable battery

· Shortage of attachments

Our tester found a few downsides. 

The dustbin has a small capacity, requiring frequent emptying, which can be inconvenient, especially when cleaning multiple levels of your home. Additionally, the design of the dustbin makes it a bit tricky to shake out dust particles without removal.

Performance: The vacuum’s performance in everyday scenarios, such as picking up crumbs and dust, is impressive. It may not match the power of higher-end corded vacuums, but for its price range, it certainly punches above its weight. Including lights on the front, battery life indicators, making it a practical choice for daily use.

For those with specific cleaning needs, like dealing with spiders and insects, the Akitas V8 is a handy solution. Its versatility, including the handheld attachment for stairs, sofas, and cars, adds to its appeal. The compact design ensures easy storage, a significant advantage over bulkier stick vacuum cleaners.

Our verdict: It may not have the suction power of premium brands, but it offers a well-balanced package of performance, convenience, and affordability. If you’re looking for a reliable cordless vacuum under £100, the Akitas V8 is a solid choice that won’t disappoint.

Beldray Airgility Cordless Vacuum – Affordable Excellence [Homegear Choice]

If you’re searching for the best cordless vacuum under £100, the Beldray Airgility Cordless Vacuum is the second top contender, offering exceptional performance and affordability.

The lightweight, ergonomic design of the Agility Max ensures a comfortable cleaning experience, allowing for up to 43 minutes of cordless cleaning on a single charge. This extended runtime is a game-changer, making it a reliable companion for tackling various surfaces throughout your entire home.

One standout feature is the powerful suction and motorised floor brush that effortlessly glides across different floor types, ensuring a thorough and efficient clean. The vacuum’s 1.2-litre dust capacity is impressive, allowing you to clean your house without emptying the dustbin often.

Including a range of attachments, such as crevice and brush tools, adds to the vacuum’s versatility. Perfect for upholstery, fabrics, curtains, and those hard-to-reach corners, these tools make the Airgility Max a comprehensive cleaning solution.

Convenience is a priority with this vacuum. The self-storage hook eliminates the need for drilling and ensures easy storage. The detachable battery pack is a thoughtful addition, and replacements are affordable, enhancing the vacuum’s longevity.

Some users note that the battery usage is good in normal mode but may run down quickly on full power. However, the quick charging feature and the ability to vacuum the house twice before recharging mitigate this concern.

While some users mention that suction could be stronger, especially on carpets, the Airgility Max receives praise for its lightweight and manoeuvrable design. It’s a welcome relief for individuals with arthritis or those who struggle with heavier vacuum cleaners.

Despite minor critiques about suction power, we found the Airgility Max outperforms more expensive models we have tested in the past. Its effectiveness on both hard floors and carpets, combined with the spare HEPA filter, adds value to the overall package.

Our verdict: The Beldray Airgility Cordless Vacuum stands out as the best cordless vacuum under £100, delivering on its promises of convenience, performance, and affordability. If you’re in the market for a reliable and budget-friendly cordless vacuum, the Airgility Max is a brilliant choice that won’t disappoint.

What to consider when you buy a cordless vacuum under £100

When looking to purchase a cordless vacuum cleaner under £100, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get a model that meets your cleaning needs and provides good value for money. Here’s a detailed breakdown of key considerations:

Battery Life and Charging Time:

Battery Life: The battery life of a cordless vacuum is the most important part; the higher the battery capacity, the higher the chance of long run time. But the battery performance will depend on what cleaning mode you have selected. A Cordless vacuum with a minimum 30-minute run time in medium suction settings will be good for people with larger houses to clean. A cordless vacuum with a detachable battery system plays a crucial factor in extending battery life; this may help you to add run time by changing batteries. 

Charging Time: Typically, it requires 2 to 5 hours to charge a battery properly. But it depends on the brands; mostly, premium cordless vacuums offer fast charging ability. 

Power and Suction:

Suction Power: While budget-friendly models may not have the same suction power as high-end vacuums, it’s important to choose one that provides enough power to clean your floors and surfaces effectively.

Adjustable Power Settings: Look for vacuums with adjustable power settings to optimise cleaning performance based on the surface type and the dirt level.

The floor you clean

Consider the types of flooring in your home. Some vacuums may perform better on carpets, while others are more effective on hard floors. Generally, a cordless vacuum soft brush roller has the best dirt and debris cleaning effectiveness on hard floors, for example, the Shark Duo clean vacuums.

Dustbin Capacity:

Check the size of the dustbin or dirt cup. A larger capacity means you can clean more without having to empty it frequently. However, keep in mind that larger capacities may result in a heavier vacuum.

Filtration System:

A good filtration system is essential for trapping dust and allergens. HEPA filters are highly effective in capturing small particles, making them ideal for homes with allergies. Another factor you should consider is that the sealed technology ensures that there is no chance of leaking dirt and debris from the vacuum body. 

Attachments and Accessories:

Look for a vacuum that comes with useful attachments such as crevice tools, brush attachments and upholstery tools. These accessories enhance the versatility of the vacuum, allowing you to clean different surfaces effectively. If you have pets, you must ensure the vacuum has motorised pet tools that are most effective in cleaning stubborn pet hair from pet beds, couches, upholstery and hard-to-reach spaces.

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