Shark IZ300UKT vs IZ300UK

Shark IZ300UKT vs IZ300UK: Which Vacuum Cleans Better?

What is the difference between Shark IZ300UK and IZ300UKT?

The Shark IZ300UK is the core cordless version, and the shark IZ300UKT is its pet version. Both cordless vacuums offer the same suction power, run time, duo-clean brush roll system, anti-hair wrap feature, Flexology band and the same capacity dust bin. The one thing that makes all the difference between the two cordless models is the motorized pet brush (pet tool); this pet tool only you’ll get in the pet version(Shark IZ300UKT). 

Our verdict: You may choose anyone between the two. Whether you have pets or not, I suggest the pet version Shark IZ300UKT. The motorized pet brush is beneficial for reaching tight spaces and stair cleaning. 

Now, the question is

Which one is worth buying?

Is there any difference between the two models?

Is the cleaning effectiveness of both models the same?

Shark iz300uk review and demonstration

Best Overall

Shark Cordless IZ300UK – 60 Minute Run Time

shark IZ300UK
  • Hard floor: 9.8/10
  • Low Pile Carpet: 9.5/10
  • Area Rugs: 9/10
  • Medium-pile Carpet: 9/10
  • Carpeted Stairs: 8/10
  • Under Furniture: 9.6/10
  • Pets: 9/10
  • Value For The Money: 9/10

The shark cordless iz300uk is the upgraded version of the previous shark IZ201UK, which was the most-sold vacuum in sharks’ cordless lineup. 

You’ll notice many changes in the shark iz300uk, like PowerFins technology, Led display, 60-min long run time and larger dust bin capacity. 

Shark iz300uk specs

ModelShark iz300uk
Surface RecommendationHard Floor, low and medium pile carpet, Upholstery,
Power SourceCordless
Form FactorCordless Stick Vacuum
Product Dimensions9.65 x 10.24 x 46.46 cm
Item Weight‎4.58 Kilograms
Filter TypeComplete Seal HEPA Filtration
Run time45 Minutes in low settings with suction based attachments, 22+ minutes in medium settings, 9-12 minutes in boost mode.
What’s in the boxShark Rotator Upright Vacuum, Dusting Brush, Wide Upholstery Tool, 12″ Crevice Tool

How effective is the shark IZ300UK in cleaning hard floors?

As this shark IZ300UK is a duo clean cordless vacuum. It combines two different brush rollers in its cleaning head, the soft one at the front and the second one at the middle of the cleaning head. 

The front-end soft brush roller always engages the surface and moves dirt into the intake by hugging them. In Our hard floor cleaning tests, we found that the soft brush roller was very effective in moving larger dust and fine debris to the intake. 

In the first hard floor cleaning test, we spread some vacuumable dirt and fine dust on the tiles floor, then hoovering for 1 minute with the standard suction setting. In this setting, the brush roller spins slowly and prevents dirt from spreading issues on hard type surfaces. 

As you’ll see in the first (1) image below, 98% of the dust it has picked up in a single back-and-forth pass. 

Is the Shark iz300uk better for carpets?

Yes, the shark iz300uk is ideal for low-pile carpets and area rugs. This cordless shark vacuum features an LED display that shows you the battery charge level, the suction power you select, and two surface settings. You only can adjust two different surfaces one is Hard floor, and another is the carpet. There is no individual setting for adjusting the vacuum for different pile carpets, but it allows you to adjust the suction power according to the carpets’ pile height. 

We tested this cordless vacuum on low-pile high dense carpets, and the result was amazing; it picked up 95% of the dust in a single pass (Check the attached image below). 

Note: This vacuum has 3-step suction settings for adjusting the vacuum environment according to the surface types. But does not offer any height settings for using it on high-pile and shag carpets. 

How effective is the shark IZ300UK for pet hair?

The shark IZ300UK is superb for cleaning pet hair from any surface. We tested it in my house, where a long hair dog lives with us. I used this shark IZ300UK cordless vacuum to clean dog bed stairs and low-pile carpets, and the performance was pretty good. If you have pets, you must choose the pet version, which has a motorized pet brush. Cleaning pet hair from pet beds and stairs with the motorized pet brush makes it more convenient and straightforward. 

I noticed one thing is that the primary cleaning head, with Powerfins technology, worked superbly on hard-type flooring; it can pick up all the pet hair in a single pass from its path. But when I used it on my house carpets, it took two to three back-and-forth passes to pick up sticking pet hair. After increasing the suction and brush roller spinning power, the job was completed in a single pass. 

Is the Shark IZ300UK suitable for cleaning stairs?

Cordless vacuums are a good choice for stairs if they come with attachments. Mostly the primary cleaning head of the cordless vacuum is about 11 inches, it is relatively larger, and you’ll notice lots of issues when maneuvering it on stairs. So, before buying a cordless model, ensure that the unit includes a mini motorized/turbo pet brush. 

Another thing you must consider is the vacuum’s primary wand can detach from the main body, and the cordless vacuum can turn into a handheld model. 

Now, if you look at the Shark IZ300UK, it has all the features that make it a perfect fit for stairs. 

You’ll get the mini motorized pet brush and three-different attachments in the pet version. There are multiple reviewers mentioned on different online shopping websites is, that the Shark IZ300UK is heavy. 

We measured its weight was around 4 KG after attaching its pet brush and the battery. It’s a bit heavier for older people.

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