Shark iz320ukt review

Shark iz320ukt review | Is It Still A Good Option For Pet Owners?

The Shark IZ320UKT is a pet cordless vacuum cleaner specially designed to clean pet hair in mind.  

Let me clear one thing up, the Shark IZ320UKT and Shark IZ300UKT both vacuums are similar. Both have similar features for dealing with pet hair from hard and carpet flooring. The two things make the difference between the two. The Shark IZ320UKT will double your cleaning time with its double battery pack. It is 120 minutes. It also features an additional Anti-Allergen dusting brush.

Our verdict: Who are this Shark IZ320UKT suitable for?

The Shark IZ320UKT cordless vacuum offers dual batteries that will double your cleaning time, also equipped with the Sharks’ Latest innovation DuoClean floor head, anti-hair wrap technology, LED display, and Powerfins brush roller. 

As I mentioned, the Shark IZ320UKT and IZ300UKT this two cordless vacuum featuring similar specs; only the Shark IZ320UKT comes with a double battery pack and double battery charging hub that will double your cleaning time and also allow you to charge two batteries at the same time. 

So, if you have 4 bedroom house with multiple pets, the Shark IZ320UKT might be an ideal choice. 

Shark iz320ukt pet cordless vacuum cleaner: Cleaning Test

I thoroughly vacuumed our three-bedroom house to find out the actual cleaning effectiveness of the IZ320UKT, and the house has a combination of carpeted and hard flooring. To tackle the carpeted areas, I used the boost setting, which proved incredibly effective in removing any hair or debris that may have been trapped. As for the hard flooring, I switched to the second setting, which provided optimal cleaning power without causing any damage. Thanks to its DuoClean floor head design. The soft brush roller always engages the hard surfaces and effectively moves all the debris into its dirt compartment.

Cleaning on hard floor: 9.5/10

Shark IZ320UKT hard floor cleaning test

To evaluate the cleaning performance of the Shark iz320ukt on hard floors, we spread a significant quantity of pet hair, small food particles, cereal, rice, and sand across the surface of my kitchen tile floor. Afterwards, we vacuumed all the different areas, and the outcome astounded us. The vacuum effortlessly and efficiently picked up every single speck of debris in just a single pass. 

Note: We tested the vacuum by keeping the vacuuming mode on the hard floor setting, and the suction mode was the second position. But Its DuoClean floor head design is able to do your hard floor cleaning jobs with keeping the lower suction settings effortlessly, but it might require multiple passes. 

Cleaning on short-pile carpet: 9/10

Cleaning on short-pile carpet

The next step was to clean up debris from the short-pile carpet using the Shark IZ320UKT. We spread the same amount o pet hair, rice, cereal and sand. Afterwards, we vacuumed the surface without changing the floor head, as this particular shark cordless has the DuoClean floor head, so we glided it from hard surfaces into carpets, and no issues haven’t faced. As usual, the soft brush roller moves the debris into the suction, and the Powerfins brush roller agitates the carpet fibres to loosen the stubborn pet hair and embedded debris efficiently. Even the Shark IZ320UKT had no problems while dealing with larger particles. 

Cleaning pet hair on upholstery, stairs and pet beds  

Cleaning pet hair on Carpet

As a pet-friendly vacuum, this shark IZ320UKT is able to combat pet hair without facing any issues. First of all, the primary cleaning head is equipped with the sharks’ latest anti-hair wrap with Powerinns technology, with is much more practical in keeping the brush roll free from hair wrapped than previous models. 

Cleaning pet hair on upholstery

Sharks’ cordless or corded upright pet models usually come with motorised or suction-based mini pet brushes. Accordingly, the shark IZ320UKT has a motorised pet brush equipped with the Powerfins brush roller. We used this mini pet brush to clean embedded pet hair from coaches and upholstered furniture (see the added images). The pet tool did an A+ quality job of sucking up pet hair from that surface. After completing the test, we checked the brush roller, and there was no wrapped pet hair around it, which was amazing. 

Note:  The soft brush roller could tend to get clogged by pet hair, so I recommend cleaning the clogged pet hair from the soft roller after completing every cleaning task. 

Design review of the Shark iz320ukt pet cordless vacuum

LED Smart Display: 

The Shark Z320UKT cordless pet vacuum features a SMART LED display, and it is a highly functional feature that will provide you with information about multiple aspects of the cleaning process. It prominently displays essential data points, such as battery life, suction level, and the selected floor type.

You’ll find a battery charge level indicator in the LED display that shows the remaining battery life. This allows users to monitor the amount of power left before recharging is necessary. By having this information readily available, users can effectively plan their cleaning sessions and avoid unexpected interruptions due to a depleted battery. 

Additionally, the LED display shows the suction level you selected. This allows you to easily adjust and customize the suction power based on specific cleaning needs. Whether it’s a low suction setting for delicate surfaces or a high suction setting for deep cleaning, this feature is practical when transitioning between different floor types or dealing with varying levels of dirt and debris.

Furthermore, the Display will show the selected surface type. This feature is invaluable as it lets users quickly confirm the chosen setting and ensure it aligns with the surface they are cleaning. The LED display eliminates any guesswork by displaying the selected floor type, such as carpet, hardwood, or tile. It gives users the confidence to use the appropriate settings for optimal cleaning performance.

LED Headlight:

The IZ320UKT floor head is equipped with the convenience of LED headlights. These built-in lights serve a practical purpose by illuminating your cleaning path, ensuring that dust and debris are visible even in dimly lit areas. With these LED headlights, you can easily spot any lingering dust particles and determine precisely where to focus your vacuuming. Whether it’s those hard-to-reach corners or under furniture, the enhanced visibility provided by the LED headlights guarantees that no speck of dust will go unnoticed. This feature ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning experience, leaving your floors spotless and your home gleaming.

Anti-allergen Complete seal

The Shark IZ320UKT is equipped with True HEPA filtration and complete sealed technology. With an impressive efficiency of 99.97%, this filter ensures that even the tiniest particles are effectively caught inside the vacuum dirt compartment. From pesky dust mites to irritating pet dander, the True HEPA filter is a reliable shield. It prevents these allergens from re-entering the air you breathe. The sealed system makes a tight barrier between the captured dust and the surrounding atmosphere, ensuring there is no chance of it escaping into the air. This remarkable combination of the True HEPA Filtration and the sealed system provides a clean and healthy environment, granting you peace of mind knowing that the air in your home is free from harmful particles and allergen-free.

Flexology bends:

Experience the ultimate convenience with this versatile shark IZ320UKT vacuum cleaner that offers reach, easy storage, and flexible charging options. The flexible wand of this vacuum is designed to bend effortlessly, eliminating the need for you to bend yourself to reach those tricky spots under low-lying furniture. With its flexible design, you can effortlessly manoeuvre the wand to clean effectively in tight spaces without strain or discomfort.

When it comes to storage, this vacuum goes above and beyond. The foldable feature allows you to conveniently fold the vacuum from its middle position, making it compact and easy to store. No more struggling to find a suitable spot or sacrificing valuable storage space.

Once folded, the vacuum stands freely, occupying the minimal room and ensuring it’s always within reach whenever needed.

No matter where you prefer to charge, this vacuum accommodates your needs. Whether it’s in the kitchen, the hallway, or any other convenient outlet, the flexible wand makes this thing possible cause the vacuum can stand itself. No hanger or wall clamp is needed.

DuoClean floorhead

The groundbreaking DuoClean technology featured in the Shark IZ320UKT vacuum is specifically designed to excel in its ability to capture both large and small debris from all types of floors. This powerful cleaning mechanism combines the usage of two highly efficient brushes that work together in perfect coordination. The first one is a soft brush roller that is adept at picking up larger and fine debris. In contrast, the second brush, equipped with PowerFins, is meticulously engineered to surpass the performance of Shark’s traditional bristle brush roll when it comes to effectively collecting hair. This innovative addition ensures that even the most stubborn strands of hair are thoroughly removed from your floors.

Moreover, Shark’s IZ320UKT Anti Hair Wrap technology takes the vacuuming experience to a new level by actively addressing the frustrating issue of hair getting wrapped in the brush roll. This ingenious feature swiftly and effortlessly removes hair, sparing users from the time-consuming task of manually detangling it. With these cutting-edge advancements, the Shark IZ320UKT cordless vacuum provides an unparalleled cleaning experience that effortlessly tackles various types of debris and hair, leaving your floors spotless and hair-free.

Accessories: Here’s what’s included with a Shark iz320ukt pet cordless vacuum


The Shark IZ320UKT includes all kinds of necessary attachments that you can use for cleaning upholstery pet beds, stairs and any tight spaces. Also, it includes two powerful batteries and a dual hub charging station for charging two batteries at the same time.  

Testimonials: How the shark IZ320UKT works for daily house cleaning jobs. What do homeowners say about the shark IZ320UKT?

Very good cleaning but quite heavy

The cleaning performance of This shark IZ320UKT cordless vacuum surpasses expectations, leaving little to be desired. Its impressive features, including dual batteries, a wide array of attachments, and adjustable suction for hard and carpet floors, make it an outstanding choice.

Compared to our previous model, the Dyson cordless stick vacuum, this new iteration excels in cleaning capabilities, particularly regarding hard floors. However, it’s important to note that the new model has a significant weight increase, which may pose challenges during extended cleaning sessions.

This vacuum’s battery life is remarkable, allowing me to tackle thorough spring cleaning tasks without frequent recharging. Moreover, the built-in display provides a convenient power indicator, enabling me to effectively monitor the remaining battery life.

One notable and practical feature of this vacuum is the inclusion of Brigh headlights. These prove invaluable when navigating and illuminating dark corners and hard-to-reach areas under furniture, ensuring that no speck of dust or dirt goes unnoticed.

While the overall performance of this Shark IZ320UKT cordless pet vacuum is commendable, it is worth mentioning that emptying it can sometimes be a messy process. Although there are instances where the collected dirt slides out smoothly, as is common with bagless cleaners, there is still a tendency for a “cloud of dust” to arise during the emptying process.

Geoff Rosen


Despite owning this vacuum for only a few days, I have already used it twice, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with its suction power, which was more powerful than the previous Vax Blade 4 Cordless Vacuum. In order to test its capabilities, I tried out all three power levels, and naturally, I found the highest setting to be the most effective for picking up dirt and debris. However, when it came to cleaning hard floors, I discovered that a lower setting worked best, providing optimal performance without causing any damage.

One aspect that truly stands out is how easily the vacuum disassembles for emptying and folding down. The remarkable convenience it offers is unparalleled, making maintenance a breeze. Moreover, the overall quality of the product is excellent, instilling a sense of confidence in its durability and longevity.

When purchasing this vacuum, I opted for the twin battery option, ensuring that I have more than enough power to clean my entire house in one go, particularly since I have predominantly carpeted floors. This feature provides the convenience of uninterrupted cleaning sessions without the need for frequent recharging.

However, the standout feature of this vacuum is the flexible wand. I absolutely love it. Having owned several stick vacuums, including those from other leading brands, I can confidently say that this vacuum surpasses them all. The flexibility of the wand allows for effortless manoeuvring and reaching difficult areas, making the cleaning process significantly more efficient and enjoyable.


Outstanding clean…

Due to both my wife and myself having multiple sclerosis, it is essential for us to find a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight, compact and easy to handle. Unpacking the vacuum and going through the recyclable packaging was a breeze, setting a positive tone for our experience. 

With our home featuring a combination of hard flooring and carpets, the vacuum’s dual cleaning rollers proved to be a game-changer. It effortlessly glided through our entire living space, swiftly picking up long cat hair, cat litter, and the daily dirt without encountering any issues. We were pleasantly surprised to see that it revitalized our carpets by bringing up the pile, breathing new life into them.

One feature that we particularly appreciate is the ability to fold the vacuum in half. This design allows us to conveniently store it in our airing cupboard, freeing up valuable space in our home. Its lightweight nature makes it easy for both of us to manoeuvre and use without straining ourselves.

In terms of maintenance, the vacuum is a breeze to clean. However, we faced a few issues. Firstly, it would have been ideal if the battery charger could be wall-mounted for added convenience and space-saving. Secondly, the dust cup lid could open a bit further, facilitating easier draining of the dust cup for thorough cleaning.

Despite these minor negatives, our overall satisfaction with this vacuum is exceptional. On a scale of 1 to 10, we confidently give it a resounding 10. 


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