Shark IZ300uk vs Dyson v10

Shark IZ300uk VS Dyson V10 – Which Vacuum is versatile and worth your investment?

The shark cordless IZ300uk is more versatile than the Dyson Dyson v10. You can say the shark IZ300uk is an all-in-one cordless vacuum that is ideal for all types of flooring, whether it’s hardwood or carpets. The primary cleaning head of the shark IZ300uk is designed to suit multi-surface cleaning in mind. While in the Dyson V10, you need to change the primary cleaning head every time when you need to move from carpets to hardwood floors. With the Shark IZ300uk, you don’t have to attach any physical attachments while cleaning both hardwood and carpet floors. 

What is the difference between the Shark IZ300uk And the Dyson v10?

Best Overall

Shark Cordless IZ300UK – 60 Minute Run Time

shark IZ300UK
  • Hard floor: 9.8/10
  • Low Pile Carpet: 9.5/10
  • Area Rugs: 9/10
  • Medium-pile Carpet: 9/10
  • Carpeted Stairs: 8/10
  • Under Furniture: 9.6/10
  • Pets: 9/10
  • Value For The Money: 9/10

Dyson V10 Animal & Absolute

Dyson V10
  • Hard floor V10 Absolute: 9/10
  • Hard floor V10 Animal: 6/10
  • Low Pile Carpet V10 Absolute : 6/10
  • Low Pile Carpet V10 Animal : 7.5/10
  • Under Furniture: 7/10
  • Pets: 8/10

Battery Backup: 

The shark Shark IZ300uk features a removable battery system that lasts over 46 minutes in full charge in low suction settings. And in medium suction will last about 25-30 minutes. It will last around 5 to 7 minutes in the high-suction settings. 

On the other hand, the Dyson comes with a fixed battery system. In our testing, it lasted around 53 minutes in low settings, 26 minutes in medium settings, and 8.5 minutes in higher settings using the soft brush roll cleaning head. This will be pretty enough for any medium size property.

Note: The shark Shark IZ300uk has the removable battery option, so you can extend your cleaning session by buying an additional battery pack. This feature is lacking on the Dyson V10. It has a fixed battery system, so you need to recharge the battery to come back to your work again. 


In most of the tests of picking up larger dirt from carpets and hardwood floors, the shark IZ300UK did the job better than the Dyson V10.

We noticed a few debris scattering issues on Dyson V10 using the torque Cleaning head. But it worked well on the hard floor with the Soft cleaning head. 

On the other hand, we found no debris scattering issues on the shark IZ300UK. Even it has picked up all the larger dirt from both hard floors and carpets without any struggle.


The shark IZ300UK features a Smart LED display on the top of the vacuum head near the fingertips that shows the battery charge level, the suction settings you selected, and the selected surface type. Also, there are three buttons on the upper portion of the LED display that allow you to control the vacuum suction power and floor types effortlessly.    

On the other hand, the Dyson V10 lacks this feature. It has a three-position slider switch for adjusting the suction to low, medium and high settings. 

Flexology bend technology: 

The shark IZ300UK cordless vacuum primary wand is designed with Flexology technology, and it allows you to easily reach under the furniture without bending yourself. 

The Dyson V11 comes with an attachment called Up-top Adapter, every time you need to attach it to the primary wand while cleaning under the furniture. 

In practical, The sharks’ Flexology bend technology is better for effortless bending than the Dyson V10. 

Floor Head Design: 

The shark cordless IZ300UK has the Duo clean brush roll system. It’s called All in one cleaning head design, the soft brush roll at the front and the Powerfins brush roller at the middle of the cleaning head. 

The Dyson has two types of cleaning heads: soft roller cleaning heads and torque cleaning heads. The torque cleaning head is ideal for carpets and pet hair, and the soft roller cleaning head is ideal for Hard floors. Meaning that you need to change the cleaning head every time while moves from carpet to hard floors. 

Note: The sharks’ duo clean floor head is ideal for both hardwood and carpet flooring. You don’t have to attach any physical attachments when moving the vacuum from hard floors to carpets. 

Budget cordless vacuum

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Shark IZ300uk vs Dyson v10 – Full comparison

The suction power of both shark IZ300uk and Dyson V10 is similar. Controlling and primary cleaning head design, weight, and bin capacity make all the difference in their cleaning effectivity. 

Hard floor Clean Ability: 

The Shark IZ300uk is impressive on hard floors. Its duo-clean brush roll system cleans all the small, larger debris and pet hair in a single back-and-forth pass. There is a hard floor cleaning option available in Shark IZ300uk that adjusts the brush roll spinning and suction power according to hard floor requirements, which prevents any larger debris scattering issues. 

Dyson V10 

Dyson v10 cordless vacuum with soft brush roller did an excellent job on hard floors, and it was capable of picking up all debris from hard floors. We found an issue that it scattered larger debris when we tested. But, if you select the suction power to low and medium settings, you won’t face this issue.  

The Dyson V10 with torque head, most of the time, it pushes larger debris. Then we opened the cleaning head front gate. In this way, the vacuum lost its sealed suction and needed multiple passes to clean the surface. 

So, if your house is mixed of carpets and hard floors, the shark IZ3000UK is an excellent choice to clean the house without attaching any physical attachments. 

Carpet Floor Clean Ability:

Shark IZ300UK cordless vacuum did an excellent job on carpet flooring. Its frontend soft brush roller moves the larger debris to the intake. Even it picked all fine dirt and stubborn pet hair in a single pass. The floor head is designed with Powerfins that strongly agitate the carpet fibers to loosen hidden dirt. This way, the shark IZ300UK deep cleans the carpets. 

The Dyson V10 did a bit struggle to clean up larger debris but performed well in picking up small dirt. Mostly the Dyson V10 with torque drive head pushes the larger debris front. It struggled a lot in the open gate position and could not clean the carpets deeply. 

So, the Shark IZ300UK earned a solid 9 points out of 10. Undoubtedly it will be an excellent choice if your house is mostly carpeted. But, the suction is limited, and the battery charge is limited. So if you need strong suction and a powerful corded vacuum, then the shark NZ801UK will fit you. 

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FAQ For The Shark IZ300uk vs Dyson v10

Shark IZ300uk or Dyson v10 Which vacuum is better for pet hair?

The Shark IZ300uk and the Dyson v10 have the pet version, designed to handle pet hair. The Shark IZ300uk has a motorized pet tool specifically designed to remove pet hair from upholstery and carpets. At the same time, the Dyson v10 comes with a mini-motorized tool that can be used for the same purpose.

Which vacuum is better for hardwood floors?

The Shark IZ300uk has a Duo clean floor head, and the frontend soft brush roller is designed specifically for hardwood floors. At the same time, for the Dyson V10, you need to attach the soft brush roller to clean the hard floors. We found that the Dyson soft brush roller scattered debris in maximum settings.

Which vacuum is easier to manoeuvre?

The Dyson V10 is lighter than the shark IZ300Uk cordless. But the Shark IZ300uk is good for its Flexology bend technology, allowing you to reach under the furniture effortlessly. On the other hand, you need to attach the up-top adapter to the Dyson wand to reach out under furniture. 

Which vacuum is more affordable?

Definitely, The Shark IZ300uk is more affordable than the Dyson v10. In Amazon UK, sharks’ retail price is under £300, and the Dyson V10 is under £450

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